Experienced Leadership

As City Council President, I have been guided by four important principles: Protecting Communities, Creating Jobs, Strengthening Accountability, and Investing in Youth. These principles will continue to guide me during my next term as your Council President. That is why I reformed our tax sale process to allow more seniors to stay in their homes. It’s why I passed my Local Hiring law to make sure those getting city dollars hire city residents. It’s why I made the City televise important meetings. It’s why I work to support and expand our community schools and after-school programs, and why I’ve worked so hard to pass my Children and Youth Fund to ensure our City’s young people have the support they need to thrive. Let me tell you a little more about what I’ve accomplished so far and what I’ll continue to fight for as your Council President. 




"I have been guided by four important principles: protecting communities, creating jobs, strengthening accountability and investing in our youth."